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There is an easy way to check your public ip: connected to this service
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The service is provided free of charge by DnsUp and allows you to see in real time the public IP assigned dynamically by your internet provider.

But why can not I have a static public ip?

The problem concerns the availability of ip addresses currently available. Without going into technicalities, at the moment the internet is able to manage just over 4 billion separate IP addresses, insufficient for all the devices that request it. So here is that the ip is assigned by the provider only when needed, when they are looking for information on the internet. A sort of "ip sharing" used to meet the limits imposed by the current architecture.
You are experimenting with a new system called ipv6 capable of producing 2 ^ 64 distinct addresses and thus able to eliminate any problem related to the availability of ip. Unfortunately this system is not compatible with the current ipv4 reason why it will take a long time before ipv6 can become the only internet standard.

We therefore understood that the IP addresses at present are very valuable and as such are assigned to users who, in the face of specific needs are willing to pay this privilege. For example, those who rent a virtual or physical server pay a monthly fee and a static public IP is included in the package.

So to answer the initial question you can have a static IP address, but soon you will find that there is no convenience and it is much better to rely on a Dynamic Dns service like the one offered by DnsUp.
18 sep 2018


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